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Kip Holden A Great Mayor Abandoned By His White Supporters

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The Advocate independently confirmed the email's contents with one of its recipients, and a company spokesman confirmed.

Voting on 14 constitutional amendments. By Rolfe McCollister. Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. Oct 13, In just a few weeks we will be going to the polls to vote on a number of races and 14 constitutional amendments.

—Robert Dampf, a Baton Rouge lawyer, replaces publisher Rolfe McCollister. —Lee Mallett, an Iowa builder, was reappointed for another six-year term, and Mary Werner, a Lake Charles oil.

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The LSU Board of Supervisors could have a much different look by this summer as seven of the board's 16 appointments are set to expire soon.

Endorsed by: EBR Republican Party, Baton Rouge Police and Firefighter's Unions, AFL/CIO, Zachary and Baker Police Chiefs David McDavid and Mike "Snapper" Knapps, Baton Rouge Business Report - Rolfe McCollister.

Rolfe H Mccollister From: Baton Rouge, LA Fla,Baton Rouge, LA Previous Addresses: Florida,Baton Rouge, LAPO Box,Baton Rouge, LA Associated Businesses: LA BELLE AIRE, INC, H M H, INC, THE JIMMIE H DAVIS TABERNACLE FOUNDATION, INC, JOE SANCHEZ POLICE RELIEF FUND.

Rolfe mccollister baton rouge business report
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